DGI Ergonomics provides a comprehensive library of 82 Safety and Ergonomic booklets that offers cost-saving approaches and tactics for the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing arena. Topics span key areas such as manufacturing handtools, manufacturing operations, office ergonomics, cumulative trauma disorders, along with many environmental, safety, and health-related concerns.

DGI Ergonomics

  • D & G International (DGI) was founded in 1996 by Dr. Govind Bharwani.
  • DGI’s foundation was set to conduct ergonomic research and apply the results to solve problems in manufacturing and healthcare.
  • DGI Ergonomics is a subsidiary of DGI; the primary business goal is to develop health & safety booklets that provide practical solutions to improve productivity and reduce Worker’s Compensation costs.
  • DGI Ergonomic’s booklets offer solutions to reduce musculoskeletal stresses in the body of production employees.
  • DGI Ergonomic’s booklets can help manufacturing, commercial, and industrial businesses:
    • Improve employee performance
    • Reduce aches & pains due to manufacturing processes
    • Reduce employee absenteeism and turnover
    • Reduce OSHA recordable accidents
    • Improve employee morale
    • Reduce lost time accidents
    • Reduce Workers’ Compensation costs
    • Reduce light-duty job assignments
  • DGI Ergonomic’s booklets provide physiology & biomechanics solutions based on ergonomics research.
  • The objective of the booklets is to improve the productivity and health of the employee by understanding the causes of musculoskeletal stresses in the body during physical work.

Dr. Bharwani

  • DGI’s founder, Dr. Govind Bharwani:
    • received six national awards for the application of ergonomics and neuroscience research.
    • is the retired co-director of Ergonomics and Alzheimer’s Care at Wright State University (WSU) in Dayton, Ohio.
    • earned his PhD in Engineering with biomedical engineering as a focus field.
    • was a professor to graduate and undergraduate students at WSU and taught the following courses:
      • Industrial Ergonomics
      • Occupational Safety and Health
      • Advanced Industrial Ergonomics
      • Kaizen/Lean Manufacturing
      • Six Sigma for Engineers
    • taught ergonomics seminars to manufacturing and healthcare companies.
    • consulted onsite with more than 100 manufacturing companies on ergonomics/lean process improvement processes.
    • in collaboration with the Nursing Institute of West Central of Ohio and Wright State University, developed Nursing Ergonomics Programs for healthcare organizations.
    • is author of 35 dementia & Alzheimer’s booklets which are published at https://www.DGIDementia.com.

Why you can trust publications from DGI Ergonomics.

“Our 82-booklet series is researched and very well thought out. We have applied many years of expertise to save commercial, industrial, and manufacturing environments a lot of financial distress. Most importantly, we provide pointers to create a better overall work culture. When our research and recommendations are applied, companies can realize workplaces with reduced risks of OSHA reports, absenteeism, employee injuries, and downtime. We promote more uptime, improved workflows, productivity, cost savings, greater ROI’s, and an overall healthier workforce.”

Dr. Govind Bharwani, DGI founder and author


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