DGI Ergonomics provides a comprehensive library of 82 Safety and Ergonomics booklets that offers cost-saving approaches and tactics for the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing arena. Topics span key areas such as manufacturing handtools, manufacturing operations, office ergonomics, cumulative trauma disorders, along with many environmental, safety, and health-related concerns.

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Misc Health and Safety Topics

21 Booklet Titles

D 901 Hot Environment
D 902 Cold Environment
D 903 Industrial Lighting
D 904 Industrial Noise
D 905 Industrial Air Quality
D 906 Hand-Arm Vibration
D 907 Whole-Body Vibration
D 908 Standing Posture
D 909 Seated Posture
D 910 Sit-Stand Chair
D 911 Anti-Fatigue Mats
D 912 Sub-Assembly Operations
D 913 Assembly Line Operations
D 914 Production Gloves
D 915 Stretching Exercises
D 916 Aging Workforce
D 917 Shift-Work
D 918 Absenteeism
D 919 Employee Turnover
D 920 Nutrition and Performance
D 921 Smoking and CTD


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